Daikin AC Price in Bangladesh

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Daikin AC Buying in Bangladesh

Daikin is a Japanese air conditioner manufacturing company that currently manufactures a variety of air conditioners for residential, commercial, and industrial use. Daikin brand has a variety of AC including split, multi-split, ducted, and variable refrigerant volume systems. Moreover, the systems are designed according to the needs and requirements to cool the indoor environment of homes, offices, hospitals and hotels. As a result, now Daikin brand AC is very popular in BD.

Why buy Daikin AC?

Today, Daikin air conditioner is well-known among consumers for their energy efficiency, advanced technology, and high standard of quality.

Energy Efficiency: Daikin air conditioner is designed to be energy efficient, thus using less energy to cool the room environment. Moreover, many AC of the Daikin brand have seasonal energy efficiency ratings. As a result, Daikin AC uses less energy and has less impact on the environment.

Inverter Technology: Daikin AC uses Inverter Technology to adjust the speed of the compressor based on the cooling requirements of the space being used. As a result, by precisely controlling the temperature, less energy is consumed.

Alternative Systems: There are different types of Daikin air conditioners including split system, multi-split, ducted system and variable refrigerant volume system. As a result, the user can choose Daikin air conditioners according to the needs of any place or application.

Coanda Airflow: Coanda Airflow system used in Daikin AC basically flows the air from the air conditioner upwards towards the ceiling at first and then gradually flows down the walls. As a result, the room in use is efficiently kept cool and the energy consumption is saved.

Econo Mode: Econo mode function is mainly used in Daikin AC to reduce energy consumption and save electricity bill. Because when the Econo mode is turned on, the air conditioner works at low power and only keeps the fan on when the room temperature reaches the set temperature.

Smart Technology: Daikin brand air conditioner is made with intelligent temperature control, air purification, humidity control, etc. technology. As a result, it will keep the room environment cool as well as provide clean and healthy air. Moreover, Daikin AC also has WiFi connectivity, so the AC can be controlled from a smartphone or other mobile device.

Low Noise: Daikin AC is designed with low noise function to work quietly. As a result, the use of AC provides a comfortable environment without any noise inside the room.

Reliability: Daikin AC is manufactured with high-quality materials and technology. As a result, the AC of this brand can be used reliably for a long time.

What is the price of Daikin AC in Bangladesh?

Daikin AC price in Bangladesh starts from TK 49,000 which is usually 1-ton capacity and depends on technology, inverter or non-inverter. Also, Daikin brand AC with Inverter Technology, Quanda Air Flow, Econo Mode, and Smart Technology's price starts from TK 72,000.