Chigo AC Price in Bangladesh

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Chigo AC Buying in Bangladesh

Chigo is a Chinese brand and currently most focused on AC manufacturing. ACs of this brand are gaining popularity in Bangladesh due to their relatively low price and good quality. There are some other reasons for the popularity of Chigo AC:

1. ACs of this brand are low in price but add high quality compressors. As a result, there is no problem with the compressor.

2. Chigo brand ACs are 1 ton, 1.5 ton and 2 ton. So AC can be purchased as needed.

3. Chigo AC has energy saving technology so the electricity consumption is very low.

4. Chigo ACs come in both inverter and non-inverter technology, so you can choose the AC of your choice as per your wish.

5. No need to worry about noise as Chigo ACs are very quiet.

What is the price of Chigo AC in Bangladesh?

Chigo AC price in Bangladesh is only Tk 28,999 which is a 1 ton AC and can cool any room of 90 to 120 square feet with ease. This Chigo AC has powerful compressor, good quality remote and noise canceling technology.

How much space can be cooled with 1.5 ton Chigo AC?

150 to 180 square feet area will be cooled faster with 1.5 ton Chigo. This Chigo 1.5 ton AC will be available in Bangladesh for just Tk 34,999. It has high speed cooling system, auto fan speed, power saving technology and many other features. So it will be very good in terms of quality.

Chigo 2 ton AC will make noise?

Chigo 2 Ton AC has Super Quiet Mode. This helps to block the AC noise. Noiseless AC will give you the feeling of cold weather free from excessive heat. In Bangladesh, Chigo 2 ton AC will cost only Tk 46,000.

What is the power consumption of Chigo Inverter AC?

Chigo inverter ACs have low power consumption as these ACs have power saving technology. These ACs can save up to 70 percentage electricity. So electricity consumption will be very less which is very good for Bangladesh.

Best Chigo Air Conditioner Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for July, 2024

Given are best chigo air conditioner list in Bangladesh for July, 2024. This best chigo air conditioner list has been created based on the interest for chigo air conditioner buyers of BD Stall.

Chigo Air Conditioner Model Price in BD
Chigo 1.5 Ton 18000 BTU Wall Mounted Split Air Conditioner ৳ 43,500
Chigo 2 Ton 24000 BTU High Cooling Speed Air Conditioner ৳ 53,990
Chigo CS61C3A 2.0 Ton 24000 BTU Wall Mounted AC ৳ 56,000
Chigo CHFT-125 10-Ton Floor Stand AC ৳ 260,000
Chigo 1 Ton 12000 BTU Auto Clean Energy Saving Split AC ৳ 31,000
Chigo TC121T Energy Saving 1-Ton Wall Mounted AC ৳ 24,500
Chigo 1.5-Ton 18000 BTU Energy Efficient AC ৳ 38,000
Chigo CS-18SG 1.5 Ton 18000 BTU Split Air Conditioner ৳ 42,500