Best 10 AC Brand in Bangladesh

Currently, due to global warming, the effects of heat are increasing in our country, so buying an air conditioner has become a very important issue. Considering the demand, the Air Conditioner Price in Bangladesh market depends on different brands, different capacity, inverter, non-inverter technology and various advanced technologies. So choosing the best air conditioner is very difficult. But if you want, you can check the features of air conditioners according to the brand from and get the best AC at an affordable price. Moreover, which brand of AC is right for you will depend on your preferences and needs as well as budget and installation. So let's know about some of the best brands of air conditioners at affordable prices:


1. Gree Air Conditioner:

One of the popular brands of air conditioners in Bangladesh is Gree. ACs of this brand are mainly known for efficient, powerful and innovative technology. The Gree AC mainly offers split, window and portable units of various capacities ranging from 1 ton to 5 ton air conditioners. As the life time of the compressor of this brand of air conditioner is high, the AC can be used for a long time in one compressor. Besides being energy efficient and Eco-friendly, Gree AC can be the best choice for you.


2. Media Air Conditioner:

Media brand air conditioners are very popular in our country due to energy efficiency, innovative technology and affordability. Media air conditioner are built with advanced technologies like inverter technology as well as Wi-Fi connectivity, air purifiers and dehumidifiers. Moreover, the brand has a wide range of air conditioners with split, window, portable and cassette units as well as variable refrigerant flow systems. Even this brand of AC has a modern compressor so it is very quiet in use. Hence Media AC can be one of the best choice when it comes to buying an air conditioner.


3. General Air Conditioner:

General is a very well known brand for air conditioners in both residential and commercial use in our country. Split, window and cassette type general ac are also known for their reliability and durability. There are even AC with variable refrigerant flow systems for use in large commercial spaces. Besides, General AC has advanced technologies like human sensor, heating and cooling function, V-PAM inverter, high-density multi-path, heat ex-changer, negative air ions deodorizing filter. As a result, General brand air conditioners can be used in any weather as required.


4. Panasonic Air Conditioner:

Among the various brands of air conditioners, Panasonic is a trusted brand. offers a variety of air conditioners including split and window units that are designed to provide powerful performance and efficient cooling. In addition, Panasonic brand air conditioners have advanced technologies like air purifiers and dehumidifiers, which are ideal air conditioners for people with allergies or breathing problems. This brand of AC has Nano X technology which is efficient enough to destroy viruses, bacteria easily and keep the environment of the room safe and healthy.


5. Carrier Air Conditioner:

Carrier is basically a popular brand in the air conditioner industry in our country. There are different types of carrier air conditioner including split and window units capable of providing high cooling performance with low energy consumption. Carrier air conditioners are built with advanced technologies like air purifiers and smart controls making them the best choice for tech-savvy customers.


6. Walton Air Conditioner:

The local brand of our country is Walton, which provides various designs of air conditioners to meet the needs of the customers of the country. Moreover, this brand has split, window and cassette unit ACs as well as portable air conditioners. Best Walton brand AC for low budget customers for affordable price, effective cooling capacity.


7. Chigo Air Conditioner:

A popular AC brand in our country made by a Chinese company. Chigo brand air conditioners are in great demand in our country due to low price, advanced compressor, low noise, mass quality and energy saving. Moreover, Chigo brand inverter and non-inverter technology air conditioners of 1, 1.5 and 2 ton capacity are commonly available. As a result, customers can easily collect Chigo AC as per their choice.


8. Haier Air Conditioner:

Haier is the most popular AC brand in Bangladesh due to its high quality, efficient energy, and high performance. Air purifiers, cool operation systems, air conditioners of the Haier brand are made with advanced innovative technologies to provide a cool and comfortable environment according to the size and temperature of the room. Moreover, Haier brand has various models of AC including window unit, portable unit, split system, and ductless mini-split system. As a result, customers can choose Haier ac according to their preference.


9. Samsung Air Conditioner:

Samsung brand air conditioners have a good reputation for creating a stable cool and comfortable environment in our country in extreme temperature weather. Moreover, Samsung brand AC has advanced technology like digital inverter technology, air purification, de-humidification system and smart air flow system. As a result, Samsung brand AC plays an effective role in long-term use to maintain an efficient and cool environment. Moreover, there are Samsung brand split, window, cassette units as well as floor standing and portable air conditioners.


10. Daikin Air Conditioner:

At present, Japanese company Daiken brand air conditioner is widely used in residential, commercial or industrial factories in the country. Daiken brand ACs are made with advanced technologies like Inverter Technology, Konda Airflow, Intelligent Temperature Control, Air Purification, Humidity Control, along with high capacity. Moreover, AC of this brand is very noisy in use. Therefore, customers can consider it as the best choice for use in large areas such as hospitals, stations, or large restaurants.


11. LG Air Conditioner:

LG is one of the most popular air conditioner brands known for its innovative technology, sleek design and energy efficiency. LG brand air conditioners are mainly built on advanced technology including dual inverter technology, smart control, multi air flow system like air purifier and dehumidifier. Also, LG brand ACs have advanced technologies like Auto Cleaning, Smart Think Technology and Smart Diagnosis Technology to ensure long life and energy efficiency.

In addition to our country's Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Xiaomi, Sharp and Vision brands, there are some domestic and Chinese brands of air conditioners in the market. But in buying, get the best brand of air conditioner according to the requirements and budget with the above information.

This article has been posted on: September 15, 2023
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