Photocopier vs Multifunction Printer

In office, business, and commerce, the right equipment is essential for increasing productivity and achieving business success. Hence, both photocopier and multi-function printer are ideal options for business or office document processing. Although both the devices are similar in terms of usage, they have some significant differences. Let's take a look at the features and benefits of photocopiers and multi-function printers.


Photocopier vs Multifunction Printer


1. Functionality

Photocopier is generally an ideal machine for business work, providing high-performance print facilities in less time. This machine can only print instead of scanning, or faxing. On the other hand, a multifunction printer can print documents as well as copy, scan, and even fax. This type of printer is ideal for use in offices or studios, and color labs.


2. Print Capacity

Photocopier can print more in less time compared to multifunction printers. Photocopier machine can print about 1200 to 3500 pages daily. On the other hand, a multifunction printer can print around 1000 to 2500 pages per day. However, the print capacity of photocopy machine and multifunction printer varies depending on the color and toner cartridges.


3. Printing Cost

The cost of copying documents with a photocopier is less than that of a multifunction printer. However, photocopier printing costs are slightly higher. It costs 50-60 paisa to copy each page in a photocopier machine, but in the case of color copy it costs 90 to 1 taka 20 paisa. On the other hand, it costs 75 paise to 1 taka 50 paise per page to be printed on a multifunction printer. However, the cost of a multifunction printer can be reduced somewhat with duplex printing, toner-saving mode, and print management software.


4. Print Quality

Photocopier copying provides excellent, clear, and good color reproduction that is very consistent with the original document. Moreover, black color is mostly used in photocopiers. On the other hand, a multifunction printer provides quality printing facilities for printing documents and images.


5. Machine Size

As multifunction printer grows popular, machine sizes are available in much smaller sizes. On the other hand, Photocopier is usually large, requiring their own space. A multifunction printer is usually small and light enough to fit on a desk.


6. Maintenance

The photocopier requires regular maintenance to ensure good performance. Besides, a technical person is required for maintenance. On the other hand, multifunction printer also requires maintenance, but since these types of printer has a user-friendly interface, maintenance can be done on your own with the help of the manufacturer's manual guide. Also, any problem can be solved remotely through network connectivity.


7. Scalability

Photocopier machine is generally available in different models, sizes, and configurations. Especially in the business sector, high-capacity photocopier price is affordable in our country's market, with which documents can be printed or copied on demand. On the other hand, multifunction printer is also available in a wide range of different models and configurations. Small desktop multifunction printer is generally available for home or small office use. Besides, enterprise multifunction printer are suitable for use in large organizations which is also available in the market of our country.


8. Network Integration

Photocopier has limited network integration capabilities. As a result, printing or scanning with this type of machine over network connectivity requires separate hardware or software. On the other hand, multifunction printer is usually built with advanced network integration. As a result, it can be easily connected to its network system at home, office, or business. Also, the multifunction printer has advanced security features like user authentication, and data encryption to keep documents safe.


9. Other Features

Photocopier generally focus more on document copying, printing, and more. In addition, the photocopier offers automatic document feeders, sorting options, and advanced document handling facilities. On the other hand, you can copy, scan, fax, and print with a multifunction printer. As a result, it provides effective benefits as a single device in the office or business environment. Moreover, the multifunction printer offers advanced features such as wireless printing, Intelligent image processing, and mobile device compatibility.


10. Machine Price

The price of photocopier and multifunction printer usually varies widely depending on the size, function, features, and toner cartridge of the machine. However, the cost of a large-size color photocopier is relatively high. On the other hand, the prices of multifunction printers are also relatively high. However, it is better to get a multifunction printer if you need to copy, print as well as fax, and scan in the office or business.


By reviewing the above points, you can collect a photocopier or multifunction printer according to your preferences and needs. Besides, you can check any photocopier price and multifunction printer price according to your needs and budget from which is a popular marketplace in our country.

This article has been posted on: November 27, 2023
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