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Logitech R400 PowerPoint 50 Feet 2.4GHz Wireless Presenter

Item ID : 29555
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Item : Logitech Wireless Presenter
Price : ৳ 1,800
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Logitech R400 PowerPoint wireless presenter has 50-feet effective range, 2.4 GHz wireless frequency, built-in slideshow buttons, red laser pointer with LED indicator, plug-and-play, storable receiver and carrying case, battery-power indicator, on/off switch.

৳ 1,600 Taka
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৳ 1,800 Taka
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৳ 4,500 Taka
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৳ 3,500 Taka
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৳ 3,000 Taka
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17 days ago
৳ 900 Taka
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15 hours ago

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