Are Digital Blood Pressure Machines Really Perfect?

January 21, 2023


Digital Blood Pressure machine is a modern device for measuring blood pressure. But analog blood pressure measurement has been going on for a long time and till now it is most popular among the people of Bangladesh. But digital blood pressure machine is gaining popularity in Bangladesh due to the development of technology and low price, but there are also some concerns. Are digital BP machines really perfect? Yes, if it is purchased of the right quality and used properly. In that case, blood pressure can be measured more accurately than analog with it.

Use of Digital BP Machines

Correct blood pressure measurement is essential for the treatment and solution of blood pressure related diseases. Also digital BP machine is used for regular checkup of people who are very sick and suffering from heart diseases. Digital BP machine how to use:-


  • First you have to keep one of your two hands straight.
  • The cuff of the digital BP machine should be firmly attached to the middle part of the elbow of the hand.
  • Two fingers should be kept hollow so that they can be inserted through either end of the cuff and the blood vessels of the hand should be identified.
  • Then after some time press the start menu of the digital machine.
  • In a short time the cuff will deflate and the blood pressure reading line on the digital meter will rise and fall. The fixed position of the determining line should be taken care of.
  • The measurement of blood pressure should be understood by looking at the position of the determining line.


How Does Digital BP Machine Work?


  • The digital BP machine cuff fits snugly around the arm, blocking blood flow.
  • The cuff of the BP machine is inflated until it fits snugly around the arm.
  • After the cuff fits the arm, the E-valve stops blood flow.
  • As the systolic pressure is reached from the cuff, blood begins to flow in the artery and create vibrations that can be detected by the digital meter and the systolic pressure is recorded by the digital BP machine.

Advantages of Digital BP Machines

The main advantage of a digital BP machine is that it can accurately measure blood pressure. It does not require a doctor to use it. Anyone can see it and use it later. Digital BP machine can be measured by anyone following the rules. A digital BP machine can easily see readings on a digital monitor with a sensitivity of 65.7% and an accuracy rate of 95.9%.

Some Tips for Perfect Measurements:


  • To use a digital BP machine, you usually sit in a chair on a flat surface with your hands on a table. If the space is not level then accurate measurements will not be obtained.
  • You have to sit on the chair with your hands in normal position for five minutes.
  • Care should be taken to keep the hand and head in the same direction and ensure that the cuff of the BP machine rests well on the hand.
  • Two legs should not be crossed.


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