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4-in-1 Hand Push Mini Tiller cum Grass Cutting Machine Price in Bangladesh

ID 61150
Lowest Price ৳ 24,000
Item Power Tiller
Status Out of Stock
Updated 10 months ago
Seller Location Bangladesh


BS-1101 hand-push power tiller cum grass trimmer is portable as well as lightweight with a compact structure and low fuel consumption. 1 Bigha of land can be cultivated every hour. This mini power tiller features 12 " wheels size, 42.7cc 2 stroke engine, 1-liter fuel tank, single-cylinder, air cooling, 81 x 48 x 35cm box size, 18Kg net weight. It works for 2 hours with 1-liter petrol. This machine consumes just 100g Mobil for 1-liter petrol. There are 4 styles of heads nerani / cultivation / blades / nylon cutters that are simple to use. The tiller handle can be moved up and down from the range of 35 to 45. It is able to dig 5 inches of soil. Made in China.

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