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Dedakj DE-2A Double Inhalation Oxygen Generator

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HD LCD touch screen display control, simultaneous double inhalation oxygen generator, 2-9 liter / minute adjustable oxygen outlet, 24 hours continuous supply of oxygen, 30-90%(±3) oxygen concentration, ≥6 million/CM3 negative ion output, maximum 9 liter/minute oxygen flow rate, ear hanging oxygen and nose suction inhalation method, 90% maximum oxygen concentration, ≤45db operation noise, 18 meters distance remote control, aluminum-magnesium alloy cooling fan with noise, pure copper oil-free compressor, high-frequency negative ion transmitter, automatic power-off protective function, pressure swing adsorption oxygen generation method, AC220±22V/110V rated voltage, 230-watt input power, CE certified, 8.0Kg net weight.

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৳ 39,000
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