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Excelvan BM-800 Condenser Studio Broadcasting Microphone

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Microphone with a good cardioids polar pickup pattern, high output, low self-noise, suitable especially for studios, recording studios, broadcasting stations, adage performances, and computer, ideal as main and support microphone for studio and live applications, microphone ready to use with PC / laptop or any DSLR camera which support 3.5mm audio jack, studio quality and very high-performance condenser microphone also can be used on smartphone with an audio converter, 20 Hz-20 kHz frequency, 3.5 mm microphone output interface, uni-directional polar pattern, 3mA electrical current, ≥1000 Ω load impedance, 48V phantom power supply, 3.5 inserted audio interface, 3 meters long, 16 dBA equivalent noise level, steel net + zinc alloy hand holding part, features an angle adjustment with locking knob, 6.1 x 1.77 x 1.65 inch, single point, tandard microphone stands ideal for radio broadcasting studio, voice-over sound studio.

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