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Strongest Steel Structure for Elevator Shaft Price in Bangladesh

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Double-protection of safety edge
Light curtain beams 154 is used
Infrared ray
IP54 protection grade for water and dust
Self-detection and self-monitor brake
Auto-stop system in mechanical fault
Sliding detection for hoist rope
Suitable for multi-layer external elevators & indoor buildings

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ID 63986
Lowest Price ৳ 490,000
Item Lift
Status In Stock
Updated 2 days ago
Seller Location Dhaka, Bangladesh


For this strongest steel structure, a mutual system guarantees two levels of security. Controllers are put on both sides of the baseboard and speed regulator at the same time, and the incorporated device and choose panel is linked independently. These 2 major controllers share information and are monitored by one another. If either of them makes a mistake, the terminal motion regulator will be turned off, bringing the lift to a safe stop. A new design of the rolling guiding shoe has been placed to allow for smoother movement and reduced friction by more than 47%. There is no need to employ guiding rail lubricant, which saves money on servicing and is environmentally friendly. Permanent magnet door operators have a beautiful shape for effective entry and exit. The improved S-Curve produces reliable door switching as well as reduced load stress in an electronic circuit.

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