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Taifun ABC 5KG Extinguisher with Wall Bracket Price in Bangladesh

ID 17451
Lowest Price ৳ 1,550
Item Fire Extinguisher
Status Sold Out
Updated 2 years ago
Seller Location Bangladesh


Taifun ABC 5KG fire extinguisher with wall bracket. ABC dry powder extinguisher is suitable for fire on ordinary combustible, highly inflammable liquids, gases expelled under pressure and fires under electric tension. Features: Capacity: 5 kgs; testing pressure: (Kgf/cm2) 30; working pressure: (Kgf/cm2) 15; approx jet range: (Mtr.) 5; jet maintain for min-sec: 15 – 20; minimum % of discharge: 85; temperature range: (°C) 0-60 etc.


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