Hearing Aid

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৳ 130,000
12 hours ago
Phonak Naida Q70 Programmable 16-Channel BTE Hearing Aid

Phonak Naida Q70UP programmable BTE hearing aid has 16 sound processing channels, quest technology, acclimatisation...

৳ 23,000
2 days ago
Nuear Intro Choice 2 Channel 8 Bands BTE Digital Hearing Aid

Nuear intro choice behind-the-air digital hearing aid device has 2 channel, 8 bands, feedback canceller, environment...

৳ 68,000
2 days ago
Nuear Intro 3 BTE PP 6CH Digital Programmable Hearing Aid

Nuear intro 3 BTE PP hearing aid has 6 channel and 6 bands, digital programmable, active feedback suppressor,...

৳ 176,000
11 days ago
Starkey SoundLens Synergy 1600 IIC Hearing Aid Device

Starkey SoundLens synergy 1600 invisible in canal hearing aid device has 16-channel and 16-bands sound processing...

৳ 33,000
12 hours ago
Siemens Prompt SP BTE 8CH 75 dB Gain Hearing Aid Device

Siemens prompt SP BTE hearing aid device has 8 channel capacity, gain up to 75 dB, fitting range 00-120 dB, 0+3+0...

৳ 25,000
12 hours ago
Siemens Run SP Behind-The-Ear 75dB Gain Hearing Aid Device

Siemens run SP behind-the-ear hearing aid device has 8 channel capacity, fitting range 00-120 dB, 0+3+0 programs,...

৳ 45,000
11 days ago
Widex Bravissimo BV-38 BTE 3-Channel Hearing Aid

Widex Bravissimo BV-38 BTE 3-channel hearing aid. The Omni directional and directional microphone provides a full range...

৳ 22,000
11 days ago
Phonak Baseo Q5-SP Antishock 2CH BTE Hearing Aid Device

Phonak Baseo Q5-SP hearing aid device has 2 channel technology, trivantage features interface, speech enhancement,...

৳ 40,500
2 days ago
Nuear Intro 2 BTE 4CH Digital Programmable Hearing Aid

Nuclear intro 2 BTE hearing aid machine has digital programmable, 4 channel, 4 bands, active feedback suppressor, clear...

৳ 322,500
2 days ago
Nuear Imagine 2 Premiar IIC 16 Channel Digital Hearing Aid

Nuear imagine 2 premiar IIC digital hearing aid has 16 channel and 16 bands, optimal high – resolution sound imagine,...