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৳ 60,000
15 days ago
BT-PON BT-P6108H 4 x 10GE Uplink 8-Port EPON OLT

1U standard rack mounted equipment complying with IEEE802.3ah, carrier class reliability and complete security...

৳ 96,000
15 days ago

3-layer ethernet switching chip with switching capacity of 128 Gbps, CLI configuration management and SNMP network...

৳ 4,470
25 days ago
Verbatim Bluetooth 5.0 Touch Sensor Earbud

True wireless stereo with clear and powerful Hi-Fi sound quality, comfort and stable wear, one touch initiation for...

৳ 1,260
20 days ago
Verbatim 64GB Dual USB 3.0 Flash Drive

This pen drive can transfer data quickly and easily between microUSB to OTG enabled smartphones and tablets, stylish...

৳ 960
21 days ago
Verbatim PinStripe 64GB USB Drive Limited Edition

Stylish retractable pinstripe design, high speed USB 3.0 interface, Verbatim has a push and pull sliding feature which...

৳ 630
25 days ago
Verbatim 32GB Micro-B / USB-A Dual Flash Drive

Works without Wi-Fi or mobile data, transfer files and backs up to your smartphone / tablet, USB 3.0 / USB 2.0...

৳ 1,290
21 days ago
Verbatim USB 3.0 64GB Dual Pen Drive

Data transfer files quickly and easily between USB-C equipped devices, dual USB 3.0 flash drive for USB-C so file or...

৳ 930
21 days ago
Verbatim PinStripe 64GB USB 3.0 Drive

Verbatim has a push and pull sliding feature, stylish retractable pinstripe design, USB 3.0 faster data transfer and...

৳ 1,770
21 days ago
Verbatim PinStripe 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive

3.0 USB drive makes transporting and sharing files quickly, high speed data transfer, push and pull sliding feature.

৳ 900
22 days ago
Verbatim 32GB Dual 3.1 Type-C OTG Pen Drive

Portable storage drive with both type-A USB 3.0 and type-C USB 3.1 interface, compatible with type-C interface devices.

৳ 2,400
25 days ago
Verbatim Slimline External CD / DVD Writer

Keep all your old memories and important files with this verbatim CD / DVD writer, easy storage with your laptop and...

৳ 1,230
25 days ago
Verbatim V-100C Classic Over-Ear Stereo Headphone

Soft ear pads to ensure comfortable wearing, ideal for listening audio / playing games / watching videos, lightweight...

৳ 2,850
25 days ago
Verbatim USB 3.0 4-in-1 Type-C PD Charging Hub

Standard type-C interface allows to connect and charge multiple devices. Suitable for type-C supported smart phones /...

৳ 5,400
25 days ago
Verbatim 8-in-1 USB 3.0 / Type-C / HDMI Hub

This hub is a great extension adapter that is suitable for Apple MacBook series and other Type-C devices. Connecting...

৳ 1,650
22 days ago
Verbatim 10000 mAh Dual Port Power Pack

2.5A multi charging, li-polymer battery and slim design, output power of QC3.0 is 18 watt, casing is made of high...

৳ 2,640
25 days ago
Verbatim 20000 mAh PD+QC 3.0 Power Pack

Casing is made of high quality ABS and PC retardant material, huge battery capacity, dual output and type-C two-way...

৳ 3,150
25 days ago
Verbatim Multiport Hub USB-C USB-3 & 4K HDMI

The multiport extension adapter supports high speed data transfer rates of up to 5GB for connecting multiple devices /...

৳ 3,660
25 days ago
Verbatim USB 3.0 Type-C Hub with HDMI

Equipped with 4 extension ports for connecting various storage / media or accessories like HDMI, hard disk, USB, or...

৳ 690
22 days ago
Verbatim Urban Sound Eargear

These compact earbuds are perfect for listening audio, soft and ergonomic design for long time wearing, 9mm speaker...

৳ 1,830
22 days ago
Verbatim 5-Port International Travel Adapter

Full voltage AC universal socket, 8A spare fuse for extra protection, automatic distribution of power to the connected...