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৳ 18,500
7 hours ago
Deng Yuan TW-1250 Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier System

Deng Yuan TW-1250 is one of the finest unit in its class and capable of removing over 99% of all organics & bacteria as...

৳ 55,500
1 day ago
Commercial RO 400 GPD 3 Stage Water Purifier

Commercial RO water purifier 400 GPD capacity, 11 gallons water tank, 10 - 125 psi operation pressure, 45 kg weight.

৳ 46,500
2 hours ago
Heron G-RO-400 Reverse Osmosis 5 Stage Water Purifier

Heron G-RO-400 reverse osmosis 5 stages water purifier has 400 gallons water purifying capacity per day, 11/ 20 gallons...

৳ 19,000
1 day ago
Kent Ace RO Water Purifier Automatic Operation Wall Mounted

Kent ace wall mounted RO water purifier has counter-top design, double purification by RO + UV + UF process with TDS...

৳ 23,500
7 hours ago
Deng Yuan THC-1550 Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier

Deng Yuan THC-1550 is an extraordinary 5 stage RO water purifier along with a built-in inline pressure gauge and a...

৳ 10,500
2 hours ago
Heron Gold GRO-060 Mineral RO UV 5 Stage Water Filter System

Heron Gold GRO-060 mineral RO 5 stages hybrid water filtration system has water purifying capacity 50GPD, 3.2 gallons...

৳ 21,500
7 hours ago
Deng Yuan 281C Blue 5-Stage RO Water Purifier

Deng yuan 281C-blue RO water purifier. All the components of this machine are made in Taiwan / The Membrane is Korean....

৳ 40,000
2 hours ago
Normal CW-929 Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier Filter

Normal CW-929 reverse osmosis water purifier has 50 GPD capacity, 12.5 liter tank capacity, 8 liter warm water, 2 liter...

৳ 21,500
7 hours ago
Puricom CE-6 Six Stage RO Water Purifier Machine

Puricom CE-6 spectacular six-stage RO water purifier has built-in inline pressure gauge and Dow Filmtec membrane made...

৳ 13,500
8 hours ago
Puricom CP-3+UV Wall Mount 4 Stages UV Water Purifier

Puricom CP-3+UV water filter has Philips brand UV lamp that is able to kill or restrain 99.9% of bacteria and viruses...

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