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Lan Shan LSRO-101BW RO Mineral Water Filter

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Brand Lan Shan
Item Water Filter
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5-stages reverse osmosis water system is designed to provide safe, well-tasting water at your fingertips where the feed water has very low water pressure or where the source water contains more than the normal amount of dissolved solution. It meets all your water quality needs. 75 gallons of clean, fresh water that is not only healthy to drink but also good for cooking. This system provides safe, pure water using reverse osmosis technology. It is capable of removing 95% of total dissolved frequencies, 99% of all organic and + 99% of all bacteria.


75GPD capacity
4 G pressure tank reserve capacity
1-15 persons usable
1 x membrane housing
1 x shut-off
1 x three stage bracket
3 x filter housings
1 x sediment filter 5 microns
2 x carbon filters 5 microns
1 x In-line activated carbon
1 x flow restrictor
1 x check valve
1 x four way valve
1 x drain clamp adapter
1 x goose type faucet
1 x key
1x water storage tank

Filter System Reverse Osmosis (RO)
Filter Stage 5 Stage
Stage1 A 5-micron sediment filter removes particle, sand and rust
Stage2 A compressedcarbon filter absorbs chlorine and undesirable taste and odors
Stage3 A semi permeable membrane 0.001 microns filters the drinking water
Stage4 A final carbon filter is used to further improve the water's taste
Stage5 A second compressed carbon filter further absorbs chlorine and undesirable taste.

Free 3pcs PP Filter.
Installation and Delivery free within Dhaka City

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