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৳ 1,549
10 days ago
Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Heart Rate Monitor Smart Wristband

Xiaomi Mi band 2 smart wristband has ADI photoelectric heart rate sensor, 0.42 inch OLED display, touch button,...

৳ 999
18 hours ago
Smart Band F1 Plus Blood Pressure Monitor Fitness Tracker

Smart band F1 plus fitness tracker has blood oxygen and pressure monitor, heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, 0.96 inch...

৳ 1,700
18 hours ago
Huawei Honor A2 Smart Wristband Waterproof Fitness Tracker

Huawei honor A2 smart wristband has IP67 waterproof compatible, fitness tracker, heart rate monitor, arrhythmia alert,...

৳ 1,999
18 hours ago
Waterproof CF007 Touch Smart Fitness Tracker Bracelet

Smart fitness tracker bracelet CF007 has 0.96 inch LCD touch display, 128 x 64 resolution, 32KB RAM, 256KB ROM,...

৳ 3,000
13 hours ago
Waterproof Q9 Heart Rate Monitor Sports Fitness Tracker

Waterproof Q9 sports fitness tracker has 1.3 inch screen, bluetooth calling, blood pressure monitor, drinking reminder,...

৳ 1,199
18 hours ago
Fitness Tracker Y5 Heart Rate Monitor Arm Bright Screen

Fitness tracker Y5 smart band has heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, blood oxygen monitor, sleep monitor,...

৳ 8,400
15 days ago
Garmin Vivofit Health Fitness Activity Tracker Band

Garmin vivofit health fitness activity tracker band learns activity level, assigns personalized daily goal, displays...

৳ 950
20 hours ago
M2 Smart Band Waterproof Tocuh Screen Fitness Bracelet

M2 smart band fitness bracelet has LED touch display, iOS Android, ergonomic design and marvellous design, comfortable...

৳ 1,890
8 hours ago
Xiaomi Band 3 Waterproof Fitness Tracker Smartwatch

Xiaomi Band 3 bracelet has 0.78 inch OLED touchscreen display, Android & IOS compatibility, 5ATM IP rating, bluetooth...

৳ 13,999
17 days ago
Xiaomi Amazfit Stratos Pace 2 Fitness Tracker Smartwatch

Xiaomi Amazfit Stratos Pace 2 fitness tracker smartwatch has sleep monitor, heart rate monitor, ultra long battery...