Inverter AC Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Inverter AC is currently the best air conditioner in terms of technology. Inverter air conditioners do not need to be turned on and off repeatedly. Because Inverter AC can control the room temperature according to the need and can control the compressor speed according to the room temperature. And, because of this special technology, inverter ACs are energy efficient.

Advantages of Inverter AC

  • The biggest advantage of inverter air conditioners is that the AC compressor motor can change speed as needed
  • Depending on the room temperature, the air conditioner's sensor keeps the compressor running at a slower speed by changing the speed instead of stopping it directly
  • Inverter AC can save 30-60% on electricity consumption
  • Inverter AC can cool and heat the room relatively fast
  • Most inverter ACs have anti-bacterial washable filters
  • Inverter AC produces relatively less noise

Inverter AC vs Non Inverter AC

Currently, in Bangladesh, the use of both inverter and non-inverter AC is noticeable. The difference between inverter and non-inverter AC is discussed below:

  1. Inverter AC is more energy efficient than non-inverter AC
  2. Inverter AC is suitable for homes, while non-inverter AC is suitable for offices, meeting rooms, classrooms, and public places
  3. Inverter AC has superior technology compared to non-inverter AC
  4. However, the price of inverter AC is comparatively higher than non-inverter AC

What is the price of Inverter AC in Bangladesh?

Almost all brands of Inverter AC are available in BD. Currently, the Inverter AC price in Bangladesh starts from a minimum of TK 36,000 to a maximum of TK 1,80,000 based on the brand of the inverter ac, AC ton capacity, and single or dual inverter technology. However, for a house of 120-150 square feet size, an inverter 1.5 ton AC should be used that a current market price of TK 70,000 to TK 75,000.