1 Ton AC Price in Bangladesh

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Among the different capacity AC in Bangladesh, 1-ton AC is the most widely used. Most of the office room or flat room in Bangladesh is small and medium in size which can easily be cooled by 1-ton AC. 1-ton AC is available at affordable prices as compared to higher capacity AC and the monthly electricity consumption is relatively low when using 1-ton AC. At present, 1-ton AC of brand such as Gree, Media, General, Xiaomi, Vision, Haier, Singer, Samsung, etc. can be procured from at a low price.

What is the price of 1-ton AC in Bangladesh?

Both new and old condition 1-ton AC is available in Bangladesh. Currently, the price of 1-ton AC is determined based on its brand, technology, quality, etc. 1-ton AC price in Bangladesh starts from TK 16,000 which is window type AC and comes in old condition. On the other hand, new condition 1-ton AC price start from TK 30,000 which is multiple cooling modes and various modern features including high-density filters. Moreover, 1-ton capacity inverter AC is available in Bangladesh at a relatively high price.

Why buy 1-ton AC?

1-ton AC can easily cool small and medium-sized room. Moreover, using a 1-ton AC offers a certain advantage is detailed:

1. Affordable Price: 1-ton capacity AC is generally cheaper than other capacities AC. And, 1-ton AC comes with various technological features at low cost. As a result, people of any level in Bangladesh are able to procure 1-ton AC as per choice.

2. Low Electricity Consumption: 1-ton AC has a relatively low capacity, so the monthly electricity consumption is relatively low. Hence, 1-ton AC is suitable for keeping the house cool at a low cost. Moreover, 1-ton AC with inverter technology consumes less electricity. Hence, any 1-ton AC can be procured either split or inverter according to the budget.

3. Coverage Area: 1-ton AC can typically cool 100 to 150 square feet of space effortlessly. 1-ton AC fits most room sizes in Bangladesh.

4. Advanced Filtration: 1-ton AC has advanced filtration systems, making these suitable for rooms of patients suffering from asthma or respiratory problems. Moreover, 1-ton AC is available at low cost so these are suitable for small patient cabins in hospitals.

5. Advanced Feature: 1-ton AC includes special features such as sleeping mode, on-off timer, high-density filter, automatic drawing operation, intelligent defrosting, and more. These special features make 1-ton AC popular among users.

However, before buying a 1-ton AC one must check the specific features as per the requirement. And, check whether the quality is right as the AC price.