3 Ton AC Price in Bangladesh

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The 3-ton AC unit is a powerful cooling solution for a comfortable living and escape from extreme heat and rising temperatures. 3-ton AC basically refers to an air conditioning unit with a cooling capacity of about 36,000 BTU per hour. Demand for 3-ton AC has increased tremendously as a powerful and reliable cooling solution in large areas of Bangladesh. Currently, various brand of 3-ton AC including Media, General, Gree, Walton, Carrier, LG, and Daikin is available at an affordable price in Bangladesh.

Why buy 3-ton AC?

1. The 3-ton AC provides rapid cooling as well as evenly cooled airflow to the used area.

2. 3-ton AC with variable speed compressor and programmable settings as well as inverter technology saves about 40-60% electricity.

3. The 3-ton AC has an advanced air filter system that removes dust, allergens, and pollutants from the air, improving air quality and providing a healthy environment.

4. The 3-ton AC provides dry air and a comfortable environment by removing excess moisture from the room environment as well as preventing the growth of mold in the air.

How much does 3-ton AC cost?

3-ton AC price varies depending on brand, technology, quality, type, and features as well as new and old condition. The 3-ton AC in Bangladesh starts at Tk 92,000 which is a non-inverter technology cassette AC, 560-degree airflow panel with digital temperature control feature. Also, the 3-ton AC built with 60 percent energy-saving inverter technology, multi-fan speed control, and advanced filter system is available within a budget of Tk 140,000.

How much space can a 3-ton AC cool?

3-ton AC is generally suitable for use in large areas such as offices, apartments, and businesses. AC of this capacity effectively cools 300-400 square feet area while making humid environment comfortable easily.

Is Energy-saving 3-ton AC available in Bangladesh?

Yes, energy-saving 3-ton AC is available in Bangladesh that provides an effective cooling environment with low power consumption Currently, many popular brands including Daikin, Gree, Panasonic, Carrier, and Mitsubishi supply various models of 3-ton Energy Efficient AC at affordable price in Bangladesh. However, 3-star and 5-star energy-efficient ratings should be checked when buying a 3-ton AC.

How much does 3-ton AC installation cost?

The installation cost of 1-ton, 2-ton, and 3-ton AC is approximately the same. However, for 3-ton AC installations, the service charge is Tk 500-1000 higher.

Where is 3-ton used more?

3-ton AC is generally used in large offices, super shops, and restaurants. As these spaces are large and there are large crowds, using a 3-ton AC is quite effective. Moreover, as mosques in Bangladesh are open inside, more than 3 tons of AC is used to distribute cold air evenly around.