2.5 Ton AC Price in Bangladesh

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2.5 Ton Ac Buying in Bangladesh

The demand for high-capacity ACs increases to a great extent due to high temperatures for a long time of the year. 2.5-ton ACs have gained immense popularity in Bangladesh for rapidly cooling high-temperature environments in homes, offices, and businesses. ACs of this capacity can effectively cool an area of 240 to 300 square feet quickly. The 2.5-ton AC is equipped with a variable speed compressor, intelligent temperature sensor, Wi-Fi connectivity, and eco-friendly refrigerant system that cools the room faster while reducing power consumption and reducing harmful impact on the environment. Currently, Media, LG, Samsung, and Gree including various brand of 2.5-ton AC is available at an affordable price in Bangladesh.

What is the price of 2.5 ton AC?

2.5-ton AC price varies depending on brand, technology, quality, type, and features, as well as new and used conditions. 2.5-ton AC price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 60,000 with features such as a non-inverter, split AC, washable air filter, and digital temperature control. 2.5 AC with advanced features like fan speed control, automatic air flow adjustment, wireless remote control, 3-stage energy efficiency, etc. is available on a budget of Tk 100,000. However, the 2.5-ton Central AC is also available in Bangladesh, which costs relatively more.

What is the advantage of using 2.5-ton AC?

1. The 2.5-ton AC has a larger area cooling capacity than smaller unit ACs, suitable for medium to large-sized rooms in residential homes, offices, or businesses.

2. Creates a comfortable environment by quickly and effectively cooling specific spaces in hot and humid conditions.

3. The 2.5-ton AC is equipped with various technologies including power-saving features that help reduce power consumption.

4. ACs of this capacity are specially designed for medium to large-sized rooms to provide adequate cooling without putting too much pressure on the AC unit.

5. The 2.5-ton AC is equipped with various features including a programmable timer, remote control operation, sleep mode, and air filter that improve air quality while offering various conveniences.

6. Due to its high cooling capacity, the 2.5-ton AC maintains a consistent and comfortable temperature inside the room for a long time.

7. Split, window, wall mount, cassette, floor standing, and central 2.5-ton ACs are available in both inverter and non-inverter technology and offer easy installation facilities.

What is the electricity consumption of a 2.5-ton AC?

The power consumption of a 2.5-ton AC varies mainly depending on the type of usage. A 2.5-ton non-inverter AC consumes about 3,200 watts of electricity per hour on average when running at full capacity. In addition, the 2.5-ton inverter AC consumes 60 percent less electricity than the non-inverter 2.5-ton AC. However, power consumption varies depending on the duration of 2.5 AC use, temperature settings, and inverter and non-inverter technology.

Can a 2.5-ton AC cool multiple rooms?

Yes, the 2.5-ton AC can cool multiple rooms connected side by side. However, it is important to use fans to ensure proper airflow and cooling between multiple rooms.