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Virdi Access Control

17 products
৳ 65,000
2 days ago
Virdi AC7000 Quality Face Finger RFID Access Control Device

Virdi AC-7000 high-quality access control system has face, finger and RFID access control reader, finger user 250000,...

৳ 25,000
20 days ago
Virdi AC-1100 Bluetooth RFID Card Access Control Terminal

Virdi AC-1100 access control terminal has maximum user 200000 capacity, 1000000 log capacity, 15000 image capacity,...

৳ 34,000
1 month ago
Virdi AC2200H Bluetooth RFID Fingerprint Access Control

Virdi AC2200H RFID and fingerprint access control device has bluetooth support, embedded access control digital camera...

৳ 44,000
1 month ago
Virdi AC5000 Waterproof Biometrics 2.8" Fingerprint Reader

Virdi AC5000 fingerprint access control device has 2.8" TFT color screen, fake finger detection, white optical sensor,...

৳ 72,000
2 months ago
Virdi AC-7000 Face Detection and Time Attendance Device

Virdi AC 7000 face detection time attendance access control device device has fingerprint and face recognition...

৳ 22,000
2 months ago
Virdi AC-1100 Bluetooth Support Intuitive UI Card Terminal

Virdi AC-1100 card terminal has 4.0 inch color screen LCD and GUI, intuitive card terminal UI, bluetooth support, VoIP...

৳ 20,000
2 months ago
Virdi AC-1000 Card Identification Access Control System

Virdi AC-1000 card identification access control system. Virdi AC-1000 RF/smart card authentication system is widely...