CC Camera Price in Bangladesh 2021 - Night Vision, Mini CCTV

The role of CCTV in investigating for various criminal incidents is becoming increasingly important. Awareness about this is increasing among the common people. Many now choose CC camera to ensure the safety of their home or office.

What type of CC camera is suitable?

Bullet camera: These cameras are designed for indoor use but sometimes these bullet cameras are also used in outdoor with a special housing to protect from water, insects, dust and other harmful things.

Dome camera: These are specially named from their dome-shaped housing. Dome cameras are small in size and designed to use indoor. It is almost impossible to understand which direction the dome camera points to.

360° Camera: These are called 360 degree cameras because they can capture video at the same time everywhere. These are usually wheel shaped and designed to be set on the ceiling.

PTZ Camera: The Pen, Tilt, and Zoom or PTZ cameras focus on one side, but can be rotated right, left, up, down, and zoomed in with the lens as needed. These come in different shapes.

What is IR in CC camera?

Whatever the lighting conditions, Night vision cameras provide 24 hours of outdoor coverage. They are rendered with a specific color image during the day and converted to white for the infrared view (IR) at night.

How to watch CC camera video?

The output connection of the CCTV camera can be given directly to the TV, but if you want to watch from a remote place, you have to buy CCTV with Wi-Fi or IP facility.