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Edifier R33BT Active Speaker

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Brand Edifier
Item Speaker
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Protect the speakers from large particles and dust without sacrificing style, with AUX wired input and wireless Bluetooth input, consistent with a maximum of the mainstream audio output devices on the market, such as your mobile phone / tablet / iPad / PC / TV or any other compatible devices, power on / off and input switching volume up and down button are all staying on the top of the main speaker, 10 watts RMS total power output for rich sound, circular audio source indicator light around the on / off key, 3.2Kg weight, 116 x 208 x 116mm dimension.


AUX / Bluetooth input type
500±50mV left / right AUX Input Sensitivity
≥85dB signal-to-noise ratio
Power on / off switch
≤7% distortion

Full Specification

Speaker Usage Standard
Speaker Type Portable
Total Speaker 2 : 1 Speaker
Total Power 5W + 5W RMS
Audio Input Bluetooth V5.0
Noise Ratio ≤25dB
Frequency 70Hz-20KHz

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