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৳ 1,160
7 hours ago
TP Link TL-WR840N 300 Mbps Firewall Wi-Fi Router

TP Link WR840N wireless N wi-fi hi-speed router has 300 Mbps wireless Internet transmission rate, easy home wireless...

৳ 3,050
4 days ago
D-Link DWR-710 Le Petit Portable USB 3G Modem WiFi Router

D-Link DWR-710 le petit HSPA+ portable 3G modem wifi router has up to 21 Mbps download speed, standard SIM card...

৳ 3,500
21 days ago
D-Link DIR-825 1200 Mbps 4 Antenna USB Port Wi-Fi Router

D-Link DIR-825 gigabit wireless router has 4-anteena, powerful wireless networking with high speed access, idea for...

৳ 28,500
7 days ago
Comfast Gigabit AC Authentication Gateway Routing WiFi

Network core and network Hub, multi wan access, automatically enable alternate routes, intelligent line distribution,...

৳ 2,400
7 hours ago
Xiaomi Mi 4A Router Dual-Band Gigabit Edition Router

Xiaomi mi 4A router has gigabit version with 4 antenna, Wi-Fi repeater network extender, 1 gigabit WAN port, 2 LAN...

৳ 8,500
7 days ago
Altai C1n 45° Cross-Polarized Patch Antenna Wi-Fi AP / CPE

Altai C1n super long range wireless access point / CPE has patented signal processing for improved radio performance in...

৳ 3,590
2 days ago
Huawei Airtel E5573Cs-609 4G 150 Mbps Wireless WiFi Router

Huawei Airtel E5573Cs-609 4G WiFi router has 802.11 standards and protocols, single SIM, firewall, up to 50 Mbps upload...

৳ 2,699
6 hours ago
Xiaomi Mi 4A AC1200 Dual Band Wi-Fi Router

Fast internet access, dual-core 4-thread CPU, up to 300Mbps speed, 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency, 128MB memory,...

৳ 1,300
2 days ago
Totolink N300RT 300 Mbps 10dBi Wireless N Router

Totolink N300RT wireless N router has up to 300Mbps speed, 2 x 5dBi antena, up to 1500 Sqft outdoor range, 2.4 - 2.4835...

৳ 2,500
21 days ago
D-Link DIR-816 Wireless AC750 Dual Band Wi-Fi Cloud Router

AC750 dual band cloud router has 750 megabyte per second data transfer rate, dual band 2.4 GHz / 5 GHZ, one WAN port,...

৳ 1,450
7 hours ago
Tenda F3 Wireless 300Mbps 5dBi Antenna Wi-Fi Router

Tenda F3 wireless wi-fi router has 300 mbps data transfer speed, WPS and reset button, 5dBi 3 external antennas, 3 LAN...

৳ 1,000
2 days ago
D-Link DIR-615 Wireless N300 2 Antenna 300 Mbps Router

D-Link DIR-615 wireless N300 router has 4 LAN ports, 1 WAN port, 5dBi external antenna, 300Mbps speed, wireless...

৳ 6,900
1 month ago
Kinle 4G LTE CPE with 32 Wi-Fi User

Stylish and slim design, Internal dual-antenna, 4G / 3G signal, LED indicator display, 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi hotspot with a...

৳ 3,050
4 days ago
TP-Link TL-WR841HP 300Mbps High Power Wireless N Router

2 detachable external 9dBi super speed omni directional antenna, bandwidth control with parental control, 300 Mbps high...

৳ 1,449
5 hours ago
TP-Link WR841N 300Mbps WiFi N Bandwidth Control Router

TP-Link TL-WR841N 300Mbps wireless N router for small business and home office networking. Ideal for HD video...

৳ 8,000
21 days ago
D-Link DWR-921 4G LTE SIM Router

Dual-band 4G LTE and 3G support, wireless network and four ethernet ports, automatic 3G connection, 300Mbps router...

৳ 7,900
21 days ago
D-Link DIR-878 AC1900 Mu-Mimo Dual Band Wi-Fi Router

D-Link DIR-878 AC1900 dual-band Wi-Fi router has 600 Mbps in 2.4GHz + 1300 Mbps in 5GHz speeds, mu-mimo technology 4,...

৳ 3,690
6 days ago
Huawei Airtel E5573Cs-609 4G 150 Mbps LTE Wi-Fi Router

Huawei Airtel E5573Cs-609 4G LTE hospot WiFi router has up to 150 Mbps download speed, 802.11 standards and protocols,...

৳ 1,649
5 hours ago
TP-Link TL-WR845N 300Mbps Wi-Fi Wireless Home Router

TP-Link TL-WR845N wireless home internet router has 300 Mbps wi-fi speed, 3*5dBi fixed omni powerful directional...

৳ 15,000
21 days ago
D-Link DIR-890L Wireless AC3200 Ultra Tri-Band Gigabit Router

D-Link DIR-890L wireless AC3200 ultra tri-band gigabit router has 802.11a / g / n / ac wireless LAN, four 10 / 100 /...