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৳ 63,000
1 day ago
O General ASGA24FMTA Hyper Tropical Wall Mounted Split AC

O general ASGA24FMTA hyper tropical wall mounted split AC has 24000 BTU 2 ton capacity, smart energy saving system,...

৳ 55,000
13 hours ago
General ASGA18FMTA Energy Saving 1.5 Ton Air Conditioner

General ASGA18FMTA 1.5 ton split air conditioner has 18000 BTU AC capacity, 2 star energy saving, high quality...

৳ 68,000
11 hours ago
O General Split Air Conditioner ASGA24AET 2-Ton 250 Sqft

O General split air conditioner ASGA24AET has 24000 BTU 2 ton capacity, smart energy-saving operation, adjustable air...

৳ 67,000
13 hours ago
O General ASGA24FMTA 24000 BTU 2-Ton Wall Mounted AC

O General ASGA24FMTA 2 ton split air conditioner has 24000 BTU, 250 square feet coverage, filter type auto clean, air...

৳ 26,000
2 days ago
Media Msm-12CR 1 Ton Wall Mount Split Air Conditioner

Media Msm-12CR wall mount split air conditioner has 12000 BTU capacity, 100 - 120 sqft coverage, cool speed cooling...

৳ 38,999
17 hours ago
O General AC Split 1 Ton Tropical Wall Mounted ASGA12BMTA

O General air conditioner split 1.0 ton ASGA12BMTA has high capacity compressor, anti-corrosion treatment for ODU and...

৳ 31,499
12 hours ago
Carrier Air Conditioner MSBC18-HBT Nano-G Air 1.5 Ton Split

Carrier air conditioner MSBC18-HBT 1.5 ton split has auto cool technology, nano-G air purifying system, energy saving...

৳ 46,000
18 hours ago
Carrier Air Conditioner 18000 BTU Split 42JG024 Auto Clean

Carrier air conditioner 1.5 ton split 42JG024 has 18000 BTU, wall mounted, 160 - 180 sqft coverage, auto clean filter,...

৳ 75,000
3 days ago
General ASGA24FMTA 24000 BTU 2 Ton Split Air Conditioner

General ASGA24FMTA 2 ton split air conditioner has 24000 BTU capacity, 2.93 energy saving rating, up and down swing...

৳ 43,000
13 hours ago
Chigo 2 Ton 24000 BTU High Cooling Speed Air Conditioner

Chigo 2 ton wall mount air conditioner has 24000 BTU capacity, high speed cooling fan, 180 - 220 sqft cooling area...

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Portable air conditioner can be moved from one room to another room. Portable AC uses the room air to cool the condenser and exhaust the hot air through a window or sliding door. In self-evaporating portable AC system, the water condensation is recycled back into the room air.

Split air conditioner has two parts - outdoor unit and indoor unit. Split air conditioner is energy efficient and has a soundless operation. Split AC has a rich temperature control than other air conditioner.

Window air conditioner is used for small home or office. The window AC compressor and the evaporator are in one unit.